GENDERELLA Happily ever After Lilienne Li, Gina, Geneva, and Lana Luster (Vivid/576p)

GENDERELLA Happily ever After  Lilienne Li, Gina, Geneva, and Lana Luster (Vivid/576p)

Date: 1998
Genre: Transsex, Anal, Gay, Bisex, Cosplay - costume play
Description: As the title hints, this movie is a take-off on the Cinderella fairy tale. Lilienne Li plays the part of the Genderella and is forced to work while her stepsisters played by the Gina and Geneva pair. Lana Luster (transvestite) plays the wicked stepmother. Vivid video is known for their high-class porn and this one is not any different. Production values and costumes are perfect. Erotic energy is lacking, however. The first scene has the twins, Gina (pre reassignment surgery) and Geneva. They attack a guy that they take to their bedroom. Clothes are abandoned very quickly and blowjobs are exchanged freely. The twins have no problems getting hard. These two always seem to have permanent erections. The guy fucks Gina first and Geneva starts fucking the guy's ass forming a sandwich of sorts. Geneva pulls her cock out and jerks off on the guy's ass and back while he continues to pump Gina's ass. At the end of the scene, Gina dumps her load on her own stomach. The guy jerks off as well. The next scene involves Lana Luster (older transvestite with a huge dick) and a guy. All Karen Dior films contain at least one transvestite scene. Lana pounds the guy's ass with great enthusiasm. As the story continues, Genderella is left behind while the rest of her family goes to the ball. Her fairy godmother appears and magically changes her shemale cock to a pussy and changes her outfit as well so that she can attend the ball. The only catch is that at midnight, her pussy reverts back to a cock. The third scene involves a short blowjob scene between Gina and one ball attendee. Gina blows the guy and he dumps a quick load on her tits. The next scene commences after the prince sees Genderella at the ball and takes her to his bedroom. There he proceeds to fuck her as a woman. On the close-ups of this scene, a "stunt" pussy is used for the shots. This is a very awkward scene, not erotic at all. The last scene again involves the prince and Genderella after he finds her using the slippers she left behind at the ball. He lifts her skirt and finds her secret. The guy does his best to suck her cock but there is no life in Lilienne's cock for this scene, as she stays limp throughout. He also rims her asshole for a short time. Lilienne sucks the guy's cock and he fucks her in several different positions. At the end, he jerks off on her chest and tits. Summary: Despite the high production value (period costumes, makeup, and relatively expensive sets) of the movie, it just lacks eroticism. The only decent scene is Gina's and Geneva's. Lilienne looks good enough to eat but she just never got into any of her two scenes. It gets a rating of
Models: Lilienne Li, Gina, Geneva, and Lana Luster
Studio: Vivid

Info File:
Size: 806 MiB
Resolution: 576 x 704
Duration: 1 h 20 min
Type: 576p


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